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Current Music:husker du
Subject:Does anyone read this thing?
Time:10:46 pm
So if you ever need to kill off a few hours, I highly recommend reading goopunnin's post history. There are some gems buried in there. Pat walks you through nearly every moment of his life over the course of a few years, and I make some sparing contributions... but really, there are some great moments. Like this little gem I just re-discovered. This is apparently a poem (who knew Pat was a poet?) addressed to Brooke at some point in 2003:

"Brooke now says she isn't gonna eat meat,
And for saying this, she is gonna get beat.

Meat is the best,
Brooke probably likes incest.

All kinds of meat even beef,
The Iroquios Indians probably had a chief.

Devin has a huge head,
I want to go to bed."

Truly amazing. Great read.
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Time:10:23 pm
Current Mood:awesome

Justin mentioned it/linked it in a post about 2 years ago (yes, I was reading LJ in 08) but the link seems to be broken or inactive. SO WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?
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Current Music:imperial leather
Time:01:31 pm
9/9 @ ABC NO RIO
DIRECT CONTROL (VA, face-melting punk)
STRUNG UP (Bay Area, CA hc)
Guadalupe (Long Island, kids)
Dustheads (NYC, not our record release)
3:00PM $6 All Ages!!

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Current Music:pink eye
Subject:September 9th
Time:10:31 pm


this was supposed to be our (dustheads) record release show, but we definitely won't have the records at this one. either way, come on out. every band is great.

FORWARD TO DEATH - http://www.myspace.com/910neversleepagain
DIRECT CONTROL - http://www.deepfrybonanza.com/directcontrol/
STRUNG UP - http://www.myspace.com/societyrotinhell
DUSTHEADS - http://www.myspace.com/dustheadsnyc
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Current Music:holy mountain
Time:01:04 pm
Current Mood:awesome
Modern Life is War (from Iowa, best band in hardcore)
TONIGHT (June 10th) @ Crew-Tonz
248 Mckibben Street in Brooklyn, NYC
11:00 PM -ish. I think this is free.

this was supposed to be a "secret" show, so I guess don't tell the world... but do come.

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Current Music:im yo pusherman
Subject:i only wanna be with yooooooooooouuu
Time:05:47 am
Current Mood:amazingah
im studying for a final that i have in a couple hours/procrastinating up the wazoo and listening to some of the best music ive listened to in a long time. hootie and the blowfish. curtis mayfield. mad 90's pop and funky oldies. its extremely amazing. o yeah and studying sucks. fuck that shit. all nighter?

kinda the most pointless post but i need something to do.

im getting a house next year. its sweet and real big. bunch of balcony's which are awesome. 2 tv rooms. 2 bathroom. good kitchen. garage. 3 big bedrooms. 4 guys. 1 whoole lotta mayhem!

i had my last classes today. fantastic feeling. was that actually an entire school year. i dont think so. weirdest fastest thing ever.

i watched this show on the discovery channel about hurricanes. i actually got petrified, so scary. what if's suck.

i have a god damn final tomorrow. at 11 am. intro to music industry studies. its gonna be real hard i wanna get it over with cause theres this huge ass festival tomorrow in the city supposed to be off the hook yo.

ill be home next thursday im looking forward to it. im gonna start working right away i think. and im plannning on going to lots of yankee games this summer, i hope people are d.o.w.n.

i cant believe theres gonna be no worries about schoolwork for 4 months, thats great. funfunfun. i have high hopes.
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Current Music:splitting headache
Current Location:6D
Subject:so summers almost here.....
Time:03:42 pm
Current Mood:awesome
.... 2 1/2 weeks for me at least. really though, can we have a good one this time? can we party like it's 2003? can we all pretend to like eachother again? is CJ going to have shows at his house? can we all start some amazing summer party bands? can we waste a lot of time together, but also be productive? can we do SOMETHING?
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Current Music:discovery channel
Subject:hey look, a punk show on sunday..
Time:05:06 pm
friends.. I'm playing in a new band and we're playing our first show on Sunday. It's me, Justin, Jon (from harrison bergeron/flagship niagara), Zed (from cali, tiger uppercut and stuff), and Peter. We play slow and fast, and it's heavy. I'm booking the show too, and it looks awesome...

April 9th @ Northsix (downstairs) in Brooklyn, NY
End of a Year (Revelation Records, sweet dischord/DC-style but from Albany)
Draw Blood (melodic hardcore, but good. from MA)
Disnihil (my favorite current NYC band. HEAVY hardcore/punk)
The Imprint (doing a weekend with Draw Blood)
Haruspex (new NYC band, first show)
6:30 PM, $8, 16+ (bring ID or be a good bullshitter and you'll get in..)


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Current Music:hotel california espanol
Subject:this is a time, we'll remember
Time:03:30 pm
Current Mood:amazing
i got the same score on the SAT's as Eric Matthews.
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Current Music:the wall
Time:02:16 am
Current Mood:amazing
skate videos are so awesome. 2 of my friends have boards down here and i kinda skated one day but not really, but if i keep downloadin mad videos im gonna skate aand its gonna be awesoem, watching skate videos is the most entertaining tihng. the music is sweet too. jamie thomas is my new favorite cause he played 2112 in his segment in a ZERO video. it rocked. reminded me of the time driving home from brooklyn and blasting that when dan was ralphing in traffic on the deegan.

i miss nyc.

i want this summer to be super relaxing. the last years been kinda crazy. i wanna like work, sleep, drink and smoke weed a lot. all in one day. everyday. like i wanna come home from work, take a lil nap-o, get some beer, go to dans drink it, smoke weed, then have good sleeps at night. not always go to dans. not at all. we have to go on some fun driving adventures. waking up for work everyday is gonna be a bit of a battle though. lately ive been resisting wake up very much in the morning for my 930's everyday. i wanna smoke before work a lot, or during it, cause i always wanted to do that. i used to always contemplate it when i was cleanin shit up at school, be the next thurgood jenkins. but CTG this summer should be a good time with tommy kilduff and probably maad crestwood kids. specially if we get high for work. they always thoguht i was high at that job, never was though.

i cant wait to get home food. im gonna cook up everything in my house when im home. i feel food deprived. u need meals i want mommy cooked food. i feel like im not gonna stop eating the whole time. i walked 4 miles to the grocery store the other day and got a rotiseree chicken and bar-b-q sauce and cooked it last week, it wsa the bes thing i have ever made. Austins Own BBQ sauce is great, i highly recommend it.

my work ethic hasnt been very strong lately, i just havent been doing my shit enough. im sick of school, ive been going almost 3 months straight with no break. easters gonna be good to get the fro outta here. i need a vacation. i wish i had more time off i would looove to go skiing in VT with the kilduff family but im not gonna be able to.

when i come back i need to remember to bring entourage season 1 dvd, home alone 1 and 2, and the Ninja Turtles trilogy. i cant believe i forgot to bring them here in the beginnning. very upset about that.

Ive been stealing a lot lately. people say i steal a lot, but i dont think im that bad. i stole a box full of mini cereal boxes from the school food store when they got delivered, that was cool, i got a lot of apple jacks, cocoa crispies and pops. i need to steal though the store is so overpriced, and i have no money left on my mealplan, barely any, 20 bones to last me the rest of the semetre.

im done with classes april 21st.

o yeah i decided that you can't move.

i wanna watch baker2g but i cant find it anywhere to download and i dont know of any skate shops. lets convince laura romeo that its us in the video, what a foool. i watched menikmati and it was illmatic.

i thought i got a 100 on a math test. a test. in math. it was crazy, but i effed up one problem and it was worth 20 points. so close. that woulda been like a dream come true. aaaah kenneth meehan.

i miss driving, wow, driving. its been a while. january 7th. last place i drove was a sad drive home early in the morning and then picked up tommy kilduff and matt sullivan and went to tanglewood for hobos at like 10am. that was a great note to leave on.

bedtime, hopefully ill be able to wake up in the morning. i hate business classes, they just scare the shit outta me. god i hate school.
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